Wassergrad GmbH

Our company organizes following services for Investors and Projects:

  • Investment protection and Project protection;
  • Co-­Investment;
  • Establishment of Investment Funds with the goal to increase the capitalization of its members’ shares.

As Projects qualify enterprises that carry out their activity with or without financial risk on a commercial or noncommercial basis in the following areas: development of technologies, creation of infrastructure, capital goods, consumer goods, social program development.

We participate in Contracts where Lead Investor capital in the Project is 5 million Euro and above.

We support non­intense public systems and collaborate in the above ­listed areas only with investments into Projects that are useful to community and society.

Projects that are useful to community and society are those, which implementation:

  1. does not oppress people’s patrimonial lines and does not lead to their interruption;
  2. does not have a negative influence on the genetics of people and does not thereby destroy genetically determined potential for mastering and development of cultural heritage of the ancestors;
  3. does not destroy regional biocenosis and the biosphere of the Earth in the whole (people are a part of the biosphere).

If your Project meets these three general criteria, then your Project is objectively useful to the community and society – and we will be glad to work with you.

«Let no one seek his own good,
but the good of his neighbor»
1 Corinthians, 10:24